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A burst pipe can cause extensive damage to your home. Don’t let this emergency cause chaos in your life. Call us today at (250) 801-0911 and we will dispatch a technician right away. Click here to access our online discounts and specials.

A burst pipe is an emergency that requires immediate action. If you’re experiencing a burst pipe, call our team right away. This plumbing emergency left untreated can cause extensive amount of damages to your home and wallet. Calling us right away at first sight of a burst pipe is the best step to take to ensure this problem does not escalate.

Count on the plumbing experts from 911 Plumbing Heating Drainage, LTD. to take care all of your Kelowna burst pipe services. Our techs have extensive training and experience to resolve your burst pipe emergency. We will also provide you with helpful preventative maintenance and tips to help make your solutions last for the long term.

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What are some causes of burst pipes?

The most common cause of burst pipes is freezing due to cold weather. Metal pipes are especially susceptible to freezing because they expand from ice in the pipes and can burst from the pressure. Pipes that are exposed to the cold, in garages, or next to exterior walls are more vulnerable to freezing and bursting. Insulated copper pipes in cold attics or on a flat roof will burst when temperatures drop to freezing.

Old or damaged pipes, especially near the joints, can burst when the seals become worn. Corrosion of metal pipes will weaken the walls and eventually result in a burst under the pressure of the water supply. Rusted galvanized piping will burst at any time because of deteriorated pipe walls. Polybuterene (PB) pipes, made of plastic, were used in home construction between 1978 and 1998 after which it was discontinued. PB reacts to chlorine in the water supply, which weakens the pipe wall and cause the pipe to burst.

Pipes underground can burst if weak spots have allowed tree or plant roots to enter. Rodents chewing on the pipes when seeking a water source could also have brought about the weak spots.

Even tiny earthquakes can cause wear and tear on underground pipes. Because of this, pipes could easily burst.

How can you avoid this emergency?

Burst pipes can cause huge damage and recovery costs, and anything you can do to prevent them is to your interest. Since a burst pipe is usually the end result of a process of deterioration, early detection and plumbing repair is the best way to avoid a catastrophe.

Signs of deterioration are:

  • Sound of running water even when faucets are turned off.
  • Dampness, mould, or water dripping from the ceiling or wall.
  • Higher than usual water bills.

A necessary step in protecting pipes from freezing is to make sure that the warmth in the house can reach them. For instance, leaving the cabinet doors under the sink open will allow warm air to reach the piping. In areas where pipes are exposed to the cold, such as the basement or next to exterior walls, they can be protected with insulated sleeves. Another solution is to apply electric heat tape around pipes that are more prone to freeze.

When the temperature is low enough to pose a threat of frozen pipes, you can open several taps around the house, both hot and cold, and let the water drip, since flowing water will not freeze.

It is important to leave the home heated if leaving for duration of time in the winter.

The safest solution is to have a plumbing professional inspect your home, both inside and outside, to detect potential problems and get a full report on the plumbing and heating system in your house. You will know what the risks are and the measures that will reduce your risk.

What can professionals do to repair this?

Our professionals will use modern tools and techniques to find the burst pipe and do the necessary repairs. When frozen pipes cause the damage, they will first be defrosted. If the damage is small, this can be repaired with compounds that seal the pipe.

Bigger cracks will require replacement. Our experts will know the correct piping to be used and the process to secure the new piping to the undamaged pipes. After completing the repairs, the whole system will be tested and other repairs will be completed if needed. We can also insulate your pipes or reroute exposed pipes to prevent future problems.