Common Signs of Damaged Water Line

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Drain waste system and water supply system are the two major systems of the plumbing system of a house. The mainline is the key pipe that brings water from the public water supply to your home. In case anything damages the part of the water supply system, it could lead to numerous problems like high water bills, contaminated water, etc. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to water line repair. Here are a few warning signs that should not ignore

  • High Water Bill

In case there are no visible signs of an issue, the water bill could help find the trouble. If you encounter a rise in the water bills, you do not require any reasonable explanation for this. It often means that there could be a leak in the house. You would require a plumber who detects the source of the problem.


  • Wet Spots on Ceilings, Walls, or Floors

Bubbling patches on the ceilings or walls as well as damp floors are the signs that indicate hidden leaks. In case the leak is in the foundation, you might see water leaking through the basement’s walls or floors. It is advised to turn off the supply of water to your home. This would prevent from worsening the problem. Ensure you call a plumber in Kelowna for fixing the problem.


  • Sinkholes or Potholes

The main water supply of your home might run below the sidewalk or a driveway. In case there is an unground leak in mains, it could the soil under the pavement unstable as well as soggy.


  • Low Water Pressure

In case you encounter low water pressure from one plumbing fixture, there might be an issue in that fixture. However, in case there is low water pressure throughout the home, then there is a leak in the main water line or other supply lines. You would need to hire an expert for a plumbing emergency.


  • Water Pooling in Yard

In case you notice lush grass patches or a pool of water in the yard, this is a warning sign. When the soil gets too much water, the plants cannot absorb it and forms a puddle. The excessive water in the lawn could be from the mains. In case the main water line of your house starts leaking, water would seep into the soil around the yard. If you encounter excessive water in the yard, then there is a leak in the mainline.


  • Pest Problem

Pests love humidity and moisture. In case you notice pests gathering in your house, it might be due to water leakage. When the water main leaks, the water tends to collect somewhere. All the water leaking from the mainline might pool around the foundation, seep into the ground, or form puddles. Whenever the water collects in humid areas, the pests find that and begin to use that.

Apart from these, if you hear sounds like constant dripping, running water, or a babbling brook, there is a hidden like somewhere. You would need an expert who can identify the leaks in the waterline. If you wish to hire dependable plumbing services in Kelowna, 911 Plumbing Heating Drainage, LTD is a perfect choice. We have experienced and trained technicians who serve vast areas including Kelowna, West Kelowna, West Bank Kelowna and Peachland. They would provide long term solutions and leave the area as neat as possible.

What Should You Do to Fix Drains from Draining Slow?

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It would be an inconvenience to experience complicated work in your bathroom area with the slower draining system. And, if you see the same in your kitchen, it is probably an early warning sign that something is wrong. Whatever might be the reason for your drains to drain slower, you need to get fixed right away.

Tips and Tweaks You Should Seriously Avoid

Are you thinking of pouring some boiling water, vinegar, and baking soda together? Feel lucky if you absolutely have no knowledge of what has been aforementioned. Your draining system might have nothing to do with the Internet recommendations available already.

Do you want to know why? Well, baking soda, when applied with boiling water, on the drainage system, will tend to damage the sink and pipe. It might cause danger to you too, in case you apply it in conjunction with the drain cleaner. Consider this fundamental reason to avoid this kind of tips and tweaks, instead, follow these:

How to Fix Slow Drainage System?

  • Using a Plunger

Before contacting a professional plumbing repair service provider, you can use a plunger to clean the drain. You can, perhaps, make the right use of a plunger in order to make your draining system work like before. All you need to do is to warm the pipe with mildly hot water and attach the plunger to the bathtub or sink and thirst a couple of times.

  • Do You Use a Drain Stopper?

If you do, it is time to bid a temporary goodbye to it. Given that it can cause your drains to get slower, you need to clean it regularly. Be it in your kitchen sink or bathtub; the drain stopper blocks hair and other pesky items in the area. This might be one reason why it’s draining slower. In such situations, remove the drain stopper and clean it with soap. After it gets completed, you can reinsert it.

  • Use Drain Cleaner

It is always better to get attention from plumbing services in Surrey than doing it your own. However, when drain cleaners are available, why don’t you just try it? If your bathtub or sink do not have drain stopper yet, the drains are slow, pour some cleaner down the pipe. The enzyme drain cleaners work perfectly to minimize the damage of the pipes.

You just require diluting the solution with hot water while pouring the solution down the pipe. For best results, waiting for around 20 to 25 minutes and use the taps to wash away the solution. Still, does not work?

If nothing works out, you have safe hands of a reliable team of plumbers in Surrey. We, at 911 Plumbing Heating Drainage, LTD., are your plumbing team to get your draining problem fixed. You can book an appointment with us.

What to Do to Fix a Loose Toilet Handle?

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Loose and wiggly toilet handles are not only slack while using, but they are also annoying and can affect the functions of your toilet adversely. Even if there is nothing wrong with the toilet itself, a loose toilet handle can cause several issues leading to a plumbing emergency.

If you encounter a wiggling toilet handle, here is a list of tips you should follow to fix it. Give it a thorough read.

How to Tighten the Loose Handle?

Loose Toilet handles are minor toilet problems. You can fix it quite easily by homely means. You can go for tightening it, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Put down the toilet seat cover to close it.
  • Uncover the toilet tank with both hands. Set the lid aside on a flat surface to avoid accidental damage.
  • Use the shut-off valve to empty the tank. You should find the valve at the base of the toilet, near the back.
  • Look inside the tank, directly opposite of the handle to find the mounting nut.
  • Turn the nut counterclockwise with a wrench till it is snug. Be careful not to tighten the nut too much, as this could crack up the porcelain and make a bigger mess!
  • Once the nut is tight enough, depress the lever to test it. If it is fixed, you will know it by the feel and sound of the lever.
  • Turn on the water supply and cover the tank with the lid. And voila! You just fixed the loose handle with the tips from pro plumbers in Surrey.

Sometimes, the issue still persists even after tightening the handle. This means that there is still something wrong with the toilet lever. In that case you can replace the handle entirely.

How to Replace the Toilet Handle?

If your toilet handle is still not functioning properly despite tightening, you have to replace it. You can always call the plumbers in Surrey for that or do it yourself, here is how:

  • Do a little research and figure out which hardware you need. Find out facts about your existing toilet model and its specific parts.
  • Get the necessary tools and hardware from your nearest store.
  • Uncover the lid of the tank and empty it just as directed in the previous guide.
  • Inside the tank, find the chain clip attached to the lever’s inside that goes to the flapper.
  • Undo the clasp and detach the handle.
  • Remove the mounting nut inside the tank holding the handle. Rotate clockwise to loosen it with a wrench.
  • Pull out the old handle once the nut and the chain are removed.
  • Take the new handle and unscrew the mounting nut.
  • Put the lever in the tank and attach it using the screw and chain.
  • Turn on the water and test your new handle.

Thus, whenever you encounter a loose toilet handle you can fix it yourself. In case of any plumbing emergency or regular maintenance, get in touch with the plumbing services in Surrey for the best results.

How To Deal With Toilet Overflow?

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The bathrooms are ones of the most functional rooms in your establishment. Naturally, the one thing that you should check on is that your toilet is working good and flushing correctly. But, even after regular normal maintenance sometimes the toilets unfortunately overflow. However, you can apply some management techniques to keep raw sewage from spilling on your floor. Keep reading to know what professional plumbers how to handle an overflowing toilet.

Here are the essential tips for applying whenever you encounter such a plumbing emergency. Learn them well to cope up with the situation.

Use The Shut-Off Valve

Whenever the toilet overflows, the shut-off valve comes to your primary rescue. Stop the water flow at the source using the valve when you see the toilet overflowing. To find the shut-off valve, just follow the pipeline leading to the toilet from your bathroom. Usually, there is a hand crank on that line.

When clog gets serious, buy some time to try and clear it out by closing the valve. It will restrict the water supply to the toilet. Maintaining the valve is important. Tend to it from time to time; keep it lubricated, so it does not jam when required most.

Check The Inside Of The Tank

In case you are not able to locate or turn off the shut-off valve, the next thing to do is to check inside the cistern, that is the toilet tank. First, lift the lid on the container and set it aside. Check the rubber outset referred to as the flapper. You will find it at the bottom of your tank. Reach in and close the flapper if it is open.

If it is closed, but water is still flowing, check if your toilet has a float ball. It is a component that floats on the water surface. Its purpose is to keep the water level checked, so it does not rise too high. Lift the float ball manually, and the water might shut off. If you cannot restrict the water by yourself, call for a professional plumber in Surrey.

Use The Plunger

The classic plunger does the job most of the time, as the plumbers say. Once when you have stopped the water supply to the toilet, you can try and clear the clogs. A plunger with a toilet flange is recommended. Plunging can remove the clog and relieve the overflow. Generally speaking, you should always plunge away any clog even if the overflow has stopped.

Call The Experts

When all your homely efforts fail, it is time to call for expert assistance. 911 Plumbing Heating Drainage LTD. is one of the most trusted plumbing agencies of the country. We are providing superior plumbing solutions to do your needs. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our experienced and well-trained professionals.

Why Do Your Water Taste And Smell Weird?

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The water you get at home should always taste good and ideally tasteless. Often you may find that your water has an off-putting, strange smell. Filtering the water can help you remove the unwanted yucky contents that affect water properties. They are not only weird in taste and smell but can be a potential source of various diseases.

Here are some of the common reasons why this happens to your water. Learn from the best plumbers in Surrey and be cautious. Protect the precious water that supports the life of you and your loved ones.

Why It Smells Metallic?

If your water contains heavy metals, it can be contaminated. When you encounter the strange metallic smell from the water, you can easily determine if it has heavy metals dissolved. Harmful metals like lead can cause serious health hazards if dissolved in your drinking water and water for daily usage. If there are metals like zinc, manganese, and iron in your water supply, there is an excellent chance that it contains lead too.

You surely need minerals like iron and zinc in your body, but not like this! Most of the time such minerals get into the water supply through the old pipes. Whenever your water smells like metal or tastes like that, you should immediately call for the plumber. Consider replacing your plumbing system for the best results.

Why Your Water Smells Mouldy?

Moisture and mould are the most toxic mix. Any water source might be a place for mould growing in places hard to access quickly. This problem happens mostly when algae are blooming somewhere. It can affect your pipes just as if it attacks your swimming pool. The clear indication of this is the mouldy smell in your water.

If you get this funny taste or mouldy smell in your drinking and using water, call for the plumbing services in Surrey. Many worthy and trustable organisations offer quality-plumbing services.

The Rotten Smell In The Water

Have you ever come across the pungent, stinging smell of bad eggs? They release hydrogen sulphide that causes this rotten smell. This gross smelling sulphur Learn from your water and its smell and taste. The odd and rotten smell of water may curb your desire for hydration.

Moreover, the sulphur-rich water can cause corrosion in your pipes and turns them weakened and black. So, unless you are planning to adorn your home with blackened pipes and pungent-smelling water, get in touch with professional plumbers in Surrey.

Act Immediately To Prevent Any Danger

The ideal water must be odourless and taste good. Whenever you encounter odd smells and taste in your tap water, it is a clear warning that you must not ignore. We provide the most trusted plumbing services at 911 Plumbing Heating Drainage, LTD. Get in touch with us to get all your plumbing needs served by the most experienced and professional Plumbers in Surrey.

A Guide To Better Maintenance Of House Plumbing

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Health and hygiene largely depend on cleanliness and proper sanitation system. Assuring that the plumbing system of your house is in good condition is always a wise decision. With proper maintenance, the pipelines last longer, and you can avoid many unforeseen problems and health hazards.

People often tend to neglect the maintenance of drainage and sanitation. But this way, they end up spending much more while dealing with bigger mishaps in the future. Thus, it is important to keep a vigil over the proper elimination of wastes. Following are a few notes to help you maintain your house plumbing better.

Regular Cleaning And Maintenance

Nothing beats regular maintenance. To keep your plumbing system in the best shape, you should cater to it every once in a while. You can do the task yourself if you know the basic norms of the job. Then again, Surrey plumbers are there to lend you their professional expertise. It is better to let the best of the field handle the task for the most beneficial results.

Keep your washrooms, toilets and garbage disposal systems clean. Get the piping cleaned too now and then. Following some simple precautions will help you maintain the high standard of sanitation at your house. For example, do not flush anything and everything down the toilet. Keep checking for any indication of leakage and spilling.

Avoid Using Harmful Chemicals For Cleaning

Nowadays, a lot of chemicals are available in the market for cleaning purposes. But unfortunately, most of them are potentially dangerous. You should avoid using all chemicals altogether unless you are well versed in them.

Harsh chemical cleaners cause harm to the pipelines. It may rot inside, and by the time you notice that it is already too late. Such gradual erosion can cause a plumbing emergency anytime. Most of the time, you end up paying lots of money for the reinstallation of the pipelines. It is best to leave the maintenance to the trustable plumbing services in Surrey for optimal results.

Avoid Clogs

Clogging in the drainage cause the backflow of wastewater, posing serious threats to the health of you and your loved ones. To keep clogs in check, avoid the accumulation of hair and other such materials in the drainage. You may fit a screening apparatus to separate large solid wastes from entering the kitchen drains and sewage lines. Get in touch with Surrey plumbers right away at the first sign of clogs.

911 Plumbing Heating Drainage, LTD is a trusted name for plumbing and heating services. Their professional technicians with years of experience and impressive skillset have left many homeowners of Surrey and surrounding area satisfied with all their plumbing and heating needs. Contact them today to get high standard work done at reasonable charges.

Protect Your Pipes and Drains From Clogging – How?

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Do you know during the festive season, which part of your home experiences maximum pressure? The kitchen and the washrooms. High usage and lack of proper care and maintenance often lead to clogging of drains and pipes. Free-flowing drains and pipes mean happy drainage and healthy, well-maintained plumbing ensure your happiness. Anyone who likes to read or sing in the bathroom knows that.

Kitchen sinks and bathroom drains experience a heavy flow of water along with several items that make them clog. Hair, soap scum, and many other runoffs make the drainage heavy. Kitchen sinks are used for flushing down food remnants. It is very important to check the free flow of drains and sinks from time to time.

How To Clear Up Clogged Drains?

Despite your best attempts, clogs happen. In such cases, follow some tips provided by the best plumbers in Surrey. Pour some hot water into the clogged drains slowly. Repeat the process a few times to wash off the stuffing inside. Also, avoid dumping greasy and oily food in kitchen sinks as they solidify to make clogs. You can also grab a plunger and use it to dislodge the clog.

Bathroom drains often experience mineral build-up. To prevent this, the best way is the installation of a whole-home water softener. Get in touch with the Plumbing services in Surrey for more details of the matter. You can also clear the build-up manually by using a cloth soaked in vinegar. Place it over the area with scales for half an hour, then rinse off with water.

Prevention Is Always Better Than Cure

Some easy methods must be followed to prevent your drains and sinks from clogging. The first thing you shall do is to fit dragon grates to cover the openings. Run a little hot water down the pipes from time to time to wash off build-ups. Do not flush anything down the sink other than soap and water. In case of any plumbing emergency, get help from experts straight away.

Surrey plumbers are professionals and highly skilled in their field. To ensure your drainage and sanitation is proper, call and get help from plumbing services in Surrey.

In Case Of Plumbing Emergency

Sometimes unexpected situations happen. If you face a problem such as an overflow or extreme clogging, that you cannot fix despite all attempts, it is advisable to call experts of plumbing in Surrey.

Not only in the case of an emergency, but you can also seek the help of Surrey Plumbers in case of bathroom remodeling, repiping, clogged toilet repair, and more.

Best Surrey Plumbers At 911 Plumbing And Heating

We bring to you the best expert professionals of plumbing and heating in Surrey. Get in touch with our support staff for the finest quality services. Our expert technician team treats every call as a priority and offer free estimates. Get our superior service at an affordable price.

Things That Can Be Harmful To Your Old Plumbing System

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With the passing years, the technology of plumbing has got improved to a great extent. Nowadays, you have the technology of water-saving, systems for water filtration, and the latest materials for lining pipes and fabrication. However, people having old plumbing systems might face multiple issues which must never get ignored. Your old pipes may be working quite efficiently for several years but can get damaged or wear out with aging and rust issues. Professional plumbing services in Surrey are a must hire at regular intervals to keep a check on the condition of the plumbing system.

Here are some common issues that homeowners must be looking after in case you are using the old plumbing system to date.

Tree Roots:

Many old properties have trees growing near the houses. In case you have multiple greens attached to your property, be mindful of their growth, and see how close the trees are growing near the pipes of your home. The tree roots can even grow around or inside the pipes. This can be quite dangerous for the plumbing system resulting in pipe breakages, clogs, and backups. To ensure that everything is in the right order, you must get plumbing inspection done by experts. Reputed companies offering services of plumbing in Surrey carry out video inspections to ensure whether there are any tree root build-ups inside the pipes.


Most of the old properties have cast-iron pipes of traditional styles. You must be knowing that iron is excessively prone to rust, especially when it comes in contact with continuous moisture. These rusty pipes result in various health and safety issues. The metal becomes quite brittle owing to rusting. Thus, there is a risk of the pipe getting damaged or burst. Leakages are also common in such situations. This extensive moisture can also harm your property. So, take quick steps to resolve the issues and consult with professionals for the best advice.

Mineral Buildups:

If you are using the plumbing system of your house for quite some time, you can notice that the pressure of water decreases eventually after repetitive uses. This can be due to several issues that might take place in the plumbing system. However, the main cause for this is the pipes have mineral deposits. The calcium buildups usually occur in those areas where the water is hard. You can use a softening filter of water to solve this issue. However, if the condition turns even worse, call upon plumbing emergency services to take care of the problem.

911 Plumbing Heating Drainage LTD. is one of the leading companies offering quality plumbing services in Surrey. The company has trained technicians who can attend to any issue related to plumbing starting from clogged drains, repiping, leak detection, hydro cleaning, and much more. Customers can even request service calls by feeding in simple details at the official website of the company.

Ways To Get Rid Of Common Plumbing Clogs?

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Clogged drains can be really frustrating and pose a health hazard for the people. It gives rise to lots of unsanitary issues which can affect the health of individuals living in the house. It is a common issue and it can be solved with daily instruments, with no hard troubles. Following are a few ways to get rid of common plumbing clogs.

By The Use Of A Plunger

The plunger is a good tool to unclog your sink, toilet and bathroom drain. It’s made of a long handle fixed to a rubber cup attached to one of its ends. The rubber cup creates suction and pulls out all the waste blocking the pipe.

By The Use Of Drain Snake

It is a good substitute for the plunger. It is made of a long steel wire which is flexible and is attached to a handle on one end and an auger to the other. It is used to poke and clean any blockage in the drainage pipe. The end with the auger is a spiral-like structure which helps to unclog. It is easily available at hardware stores.

By The Use Of Hydro-Jets

It is a device that consists of an omnidirectional water outlet connected to a long and thin water pipe. It blasts water at a very high pressure in the clogged drain clearing any buildup present.  It ensures that the buildup is not faced again soon. It is generally used by professional plumbers.

By The Use Of A Liquid Cleaner

Liquid cleaners are available in every household store.  It clears the clogged drain effectively. But prolonged use of liquid cleaners is not vastly recommended because it contains corrosive chemicals which tend to burn the buildup. In this process, they also damage the pipes and often lead to water leakage. It can also lead to fatal accidents if not used carefully.

By The Use Of Homemade Mixtures

This is an easy process and is safe for your drains. Run down boiling water through the drain. Pour half cup baking soda and allow it to sit for five minutes. After this, pour one cup vinegar and a cup of very hot water and allow it to sit for another ten minutes. Finally, pour down more boiling water down the drains to wash away the build up broken by the baking soda and vinegar.

Need a plumber in Surrey? Call 911 Plumbing and Heating. We offer a variety of plumbing services such as sewage treatment, drainage clearance, remodeling kitchens/bathroom installation of water heating systems, and even plumbing emergencies. Connect with us at(604) 679-8000 and book a service for your home now. The happiness of our clients is our aim.

Benefits of Doing Regular Drain Cleaning By Professionals

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The drains of your home are an essential component of your home and the plumbing system. A clean drainage system has a variety of advantages. It adds to the prevention of any plumbing problems and hence is often recommended. It helps to ensure that there are no problems in future and hence saves money in the longer run.

But make sure that you get only professional plumbing services to do such works for you. Otherwise, it might backfire and lead to the added expenditure of solving issues created by unlicensed plumbers. Following are few benefits of getting your drains cleaned regularly.

  • Avoids Blockages: Regular cleaning can avoid the small blockages. The small blockages can be very irritating as they are difficult to clean. They can be very annoying over time as they can collect. Small blockages can pile up to form larger ones. This can create a huge hassle later on. You can save on a lot of money in the long run regarding this issue.
  • Prevents Smells: Do your toilet and kitchen have the characteristics stink? One probable reason is the lack of proper cleaning. Cleaning on the outside is not enough. You must clean the pipe systems also. They are the causal agent of the smell. Surrey Plumbers clean the systems of pipes if you go for regular cleaning by professionals. So if you have guests coming over make sure that you opt for regular drainage cleaning to have a good impression.
  • Clean Home: A clean drainage system ensures a clean home in terms of pest and insects. Periodic cleaning of the drains enhances the efforts of the best It creates a healthy environment in the house. It ensures the prevalence of lesser diseases as there would be lesser germs and insects.
  • Reduce Expenses: As pointed out above, regular drain cleaning enhances the efforts of other services. In several aspects such as health, pest control, etc and even in the longer run, regular drain cleaning by professionals is instrumental in saving money. A little amount spent per month on regular drain cleaning can save money in various aspects.

Although there are several advantages to regular drain cleaning, make sure that you hire Surrey plumbers who are associated with a regulatory board only that is they are professionals. Only then you can enjoy these benefits. Contact 911 Plumbing for reliable services. Reach us quickly at  (604) 679-8000 and let us solve all your plumbing related problems. We are known for our amazingly satisfactory customer service.