What are the Signs That Plumbing Service Should Reinstall Pipes at Home?

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Changing the pipes and installing new ones can be challenging enough if it involves your home’s overall pipe system. It may show subtle changes to understand that it is time to change the pipes; else, it can result in severe problems.  If a small repair can do, there is no point in reinstalling new ones.

The plumbing service you hire should have the correct knowledge to guide you and help you know when it is the right time for repiping the whole pipe system of your home. Plumbing pipes last for a long time before you need to replace them. Before it results in large wear and tear, hire professional plumbers.

When living in and around areas like Kelowna, West Kelowna, you are sure to come across plenty of plumbing services in Kelowna.  However, not all of them can offer professional guidance, and therefore, it is better to go the plumbing service’s reputation. Let us take you through some signs to understand it is high time to hire the team.

Check Safety of Pipes

The lifespan of pipes varies as per different external factors, and it is necessary to have safe pipe material. Depending on the pipe material, it may leak, and therefore, it requires routine checkup. There is a high chance of pipe erosion owing to adverse conditions. So, make sure that pipes are in a safe condition to have for a long time.

Pipes are Leaking

It is not good to go with leakage in the pipe, and its condition may change when there is a change in weather. It is better to choose quality material that would last for a long time. To avoid any costly and recurring expenses, it is better to choose to install quality ones.

Visible Corrosion on Pipes

Visible corrosion is pipe, flaking, and discoloring of the pipes on its surface, and these are common problems. The corroding pipes may leakage quickly, so it is better to get it checked on time. This is one such situation that requires repiping routinely to avoid any adverse problems. This type of plumbing repair is vital, and you can search for plenty of plumbing services in Kelowna and around areas like West Bank Kelowna and Peachland.

Color of Pipe Changes

If water tends to follow in yellow color or others, it is an indication that there are sediments or debris stored inside the pipe. This may happen after you return from a vacation, and you have not used the water system for a long time. This is when repiping can fix the issue and install quality pipes with the help of the expert team at 911 plumbing.

So, without any further delay, it is better to get in touch with the experts of 911plumbingheating Drainage, Ltd. With years of expertise, the plumbing service has the correct knowledge of handling the pipe discoloration and repiping problems. You can approach our team to deal with problems of low water pressure inside the pipe. Correct and on-time servicing will resume smooth water flow through the pipes.

How to Maintain Hassle-Free Performance of Your Water Heater?

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You are using a water heater at your home without even thinking whether it’s functioning correctly. But this should be your concern to check its operation on time to avoid major issues. When it stops suddenly, we fail to realize that it has not been maintained in recent times. But it requires timely repair from a reliable plumber who can offer suitable help.

When living in areas like West Kelowna, West Bank Kelowna, and others, you are sure to come across plenty of them, and one of them is 911 plumbing. Its years of expertise in the field help prevent emergencies and routine maintenance from functioning correctly. Some maintenance tips can help you better, but you need to hire the right team for the desired results and services.

Try to Flush Water Regularly 

Regular maintenance can prevent sediment collection at the base of the heater as it may result in corrosion and reduce the efficiency of heating water. This is a task for which hiring a plumbing service can be beneficial. If it malfunctions during odd hours, switch off its power to avoid any major issues. Following this, you should try to hire the plumbing service at the earliest.

Importance of Water Pipe Insulation 

It is necessary to insulate the water pipes and install durable and quality ones to reduce energy costs. When the inner temperature of the heater is perfect, it will function properly. This requires timely pipe insulation and its annual examination for hassle-free functioning. So, to avoid any unforeseen issues, get plumbing repair frequently.

In addition to this, insulate the main tank and try to maintain fuel sources properly. It also prevents condensation during winters and helps in proper functioning. It is better for professional touch in work to hire the correct team who has correct knowledge for plumbing work. If you have any query, it is better to discuss them with the team and solve it.

What to Include in Annual Inspection?

The annual inspection is necessary to help the water heater function smoothly. It should include checking leaks, corrosion, rod replacement, burner assembly, and replacing the exhaust and others. The technician should have the correct knowledge of checking the water heater before they can diagnose the heater’s actual problem. So, it requires hiring a suitable team that can deliver better service.

Wrapping it up 

To hire an expert team of Kelowna plumbers in Peachland and Kelowna areas, it is our experienced and trained team to cater to your requirements. The team has the correct expertise to check the rods and valves, and it should be free from debris and rust. This will help the machine function correctly and heat water correctly.

Also, check the temperature of the water heater and ensure that it is functioning correctly. If not, you have to check it properly before you operate the heater. So, regular maintenance can prevent malfunctioning of the heater incurring unexpected expenses.  For repairing, maintenance, and replacement service, our team can ensure professional tips and guidance.

What is the Common Plumbing Issues in Bathroom that Plumbers Can Handle?

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A bathroom is commonplace for every household where one or the other plumbing issue is persistent. Drain clogging and leakage of faucets are the minor ones, though it can upset the bathroom’s daily smooth use. But the list of issues is a never-ending one, and you need to address them at the earliest. Let us take you through some of the common problems you need to solve with assistance from an expert plumbing service near your house.

Problem with Poor Ventilation

Improper ventilation can bring in huge problems, and therefore, it is important to repair damaged fans, and ventilation is in the bathroom. The moisture residue tends to collect on the walls resulting in a stain on walls and other problems. With too much humidity and improper ventilation, it requires immediate plumbing repair. When looking for plumbing services in Kelowna, you are sure to come across plenty of options. Try to choose the one as per its experience.

Slow Running of Water through Drains?

The water may slow down while passing through drains resulting in water clogging in the bathroom. This is one of the common and annoying problems, and due to this, it is better to get in touch with a reliable source of a plumber in Kelowna to offer you professional assistance. If the team has the correct expertise and reliable one, it should be ready to offer emergency plumbing repair. It gives complete peace of mind, and the team should be ready to attend to your problems during odd hours.

In this regard, you can approach 911 plumbing to get timely and efficient service in and around areas like Kelowna, West Bank Kelowna, and Peachland. To prevent the bathroom issues from severe clogging and other problems, hire an efficient team for assistance. Try to hire a team whom you can connect in times of emergency and help you with recurring bathroom and other plumbing repair problems.

Insufficient Water Pressure in Bathroom Shower

This is another problem to face due to insufficient water pressure in the water lines. This can also happen if the shower is not in use for a long time. To solve this, the team should rescale and then replace the showerhead for suitable results. In case there is any rusting issue in the shower, the team can suggest the shower replacement and make it work perfectly.   

For correct advice and plumbing service in the budget, our plumbing team will hire for suitable results. Other than this, running toilet, clogging of the toilet, foul sewer smell is common issues that need to be addressed soon. By overlooking it, you may invite major problems for your home.

The Closure

So, when in search of a Plumber in Kelowna or West Kelowna, get in touch with 911 Plumbing Heating Drainage, Ltd. for professional help. There are different packages for clients’ convenience, and you can choose the one that suits your problems the best. You can ask for emergency help, and our team will be available to resolve the issues.

Step by Step Guide to Replace Damaged Kitchen Tap

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A broken or faulty kitchen tap could affect your daily activities. It could put a break on your routine tasks and cause inconvenience to you. You can hire a plumber in Kelowna for repairing the tap. Or, you can also replace the tap of your kitchen with little planning as well as the right tools. Before you plan to replace the tap ensure you have all the necessary tools and material. Once you have all the required items, follow the given steps

Step 1: Turn Off Water Supply

Look for the isolating valve of the pipe to turn off the water supply. Turn the valve and try running water to check whether you turned off the supply properly. In case there are no independent valves in the system, consider turning off the supply from the main stopcock.

Step 2: Prepare the Space

Lay the towel beneath the sink and keep all the instruments you require for the job. In case you have the instruction manual of the kitchen tap, keep that with you. You might require that while removing the tap. Else you can check the online videos of Kelowna plumbers removing old tap.

Step 3: Disconnect Tap from Mains Water Supply

There are two kinds of pipe connections i.e. flexible and standard. Using an open-handed spanner, you can loosen up the screws of the standard hose system for disconnecting the tap. After disconnecting, some water might come out. For the flexible connection, you can unfasten the nuts from the isolator valves or mains connection. Over time, the nuts get tighter. It might take time to loosen the nuts.

Step 4: Remove the Faulty or Broken Tap

Grab the tap and loosen the nuts that attach the tap to the surface. While pulling out hoses, be careful as sharp or pointy edges could cause cuts. In case you find it difficult consider hiring a plumber. Once the tap is removed, clean the nasty buildup or residue from open main connections below the sink.

Step 5: Mount the New Tap

To install a new tap, lower threads and wrap 5 layers of tape in a clockwise direction. Once tapping is done, you can fit the new tap. Most of the models come with pre-fitted hoses. In case you do not have one, check the manual provided by the manufacturer for connecting them. You can take the help of someone to hold the tap.

Screw the nut with your hand and using pair of adjustable pliers secure the nuts tightly. In case you doubt that the new tap is heavy, you can consider installing a tap brace. This would save you from trouble.

Step 6: Reconnect Main Supply

To connect the main supply begin with threads using hands. When you start the thread, ensure you tighten that. Screw-in the nuts to fitted isolator valves or mains pipe connection. In order to eliminate excess pressure, ensure to hold on to the valve or connector.  

After installing everything, turn on the water supply. Turn on the tap to check hoses for drips or leaks. In case there are leaks, consider hiring a plumber. In case you wish to hire a knowledgeable plumber, 911 Plumbing Heating Drainage, LTD is the right place. Our trained as well as experienced plumbers serve several areas including Kelowna, West Kelowna, West Bank Kelowna and Peachland.   Our experts would help to resolve the recurring issues and provide maintenance tips also.

Common Shower Repair Issues You Need to Know About

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In homes, showers are important fixtures. This offers you a relaxation of around 10 minutes from a hectic day. However, in case it does not work in the right manner or fails, it might be annoying. To ensure the proper working of the shower, it is essential to pay attention to the common shower issues. Here are few shower repair issues for which you can hire a plumber in Kelowna and restore efficient working

  • Bad Odor

There can be numerous reasons behind the bad odor in the shower. Generally, standing mold from the water leaks or clogs causes a bad smell. In case you encounter a bad odor, it is advised to check for clogs and ventilate the bathroom. If this does not work, call the plumber right away to fix the issue.


  • Clogs

One of the most common problems faced by homeowners is clogs in the shower. When soap, hair, dirt, or any item drops in the drain accidentally, it results in clogs. In case there is a smaller clog, you can run some vinegar and baking soda down the drain to fix the problem. However, the clog is larger, you might need to use the plumbing snake. Rather than doing fixing this on your own, consider calling an expert. With the help of specialized tools, the Kelowna plumbers would remove the deep clogs.


  • Leaky Faucet

In case you encounter a leak in the shower faucet, you might require new seals, rings, or gaskets. In case you do not have the knowledge of shower faucets, consider taking the help of an expert for the job. Though the gaskets and seal replacement is inexpensive, selecting the matching pieces might be difficult.  


  • Inadequate Pressure

Nothing can be more frustrating than a shower having inadequate low pressure. Generally, if a shower does not have the required pressure, there might be a problem with the faucet. To fix the problem with the faucet, you can call a plumber for the installation of a high-flow faucet. However, if the faucet is ok, there could be dirt and silt in the water pipes. For restoring the normal water flow you would need a plumber who can clean the pipes.


  • Rattling Pipes

Adjusting the mixing valve is an ideal solution to fix the issue of rattling pipes. However, it is advised to be extra cautious while adjusting a mixing valve as any mistake could lead to thermal shock. In case you do not know how to adjust the valve, consider hiring an expert for the job.

Apart from these, a noisy shower is also a major issue that needs to be inspected by a plumber. It is common to hear the sound of streaming water. However, in case your shower makes strange noises, you need a plumber. To get your shower checked, you can get in touch with 911 Plumbing Heating Drainage, Ltd. We have a team of experienced as well as licensed plumbers serving areas like Kelowna, West Kelowna, West Bank Kelowna and Peachland. No matter whether it is two in the morning or afternoon, the experts would provide an immediate response.

Common Signs of Damaged Water Line

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Drain waste system and water supply system are the two major systems of the plumbing system of a house. The mainline is the key pipe that brings water from the public water supply to your home. In case anything damages the part of the water supply system, it could lead to numerous problems like high water bills, contaminated water, etc. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to water line repair. Here are a few warning signs that should not ignore

  • High Water Bill

In case there are no visible signs of an issue, the water bill could help find the trouble. If you encounter a rise in the water bills, you do not require any reasonable explanation for this. It often means that there could be a leak in the house. You would require a plumber who detects the source of the problem.


  • Wet Spots on Ceilings, Walls, or Floors

Bubbling patches on the ceilings or walls as well as damp floors are the signs that indicate hidden leaks. In case the leak is in the foundation, you might see water leaking through the basement’s walls or floors. It is advised to turn off the supply of water to your home. This would prevent from worsening the problem. Ensure you call a plumber in Kelowna for fixing the problem.


  • Sinkholes or Potholes

The main water supply of your home might run below the sidewalk or a driveway. In case there is an unground leak in mains, it could the soil under the pavement unstable as well as soggy.


  • Low Water Pressure

In case you encounter low water pressure from one plumbing fixture, there might be an issue in that fixture. However, in case there is low water pressure throughout the home, then there is a leak in the main water line or other supply lines. You would need to hire an expert for a plumbing emergency.


  • Water Pooling in Yard

In case you notice lush grass patches or a pool of water in the yard, this is a warning sign. When the soil gets too much water, the plants cannot absorb it and forms a puddle. The excessive water in the lawn could be from the mains. In case the main water line of your house starts leaking, water would seep into the soil around the yard. If you encounter excessive water in the yard, then there is a leak in the mainline.


  • Pest Problem

Pests love humidity and moisture. In case you notice pests gathering in your house, it might be due to water leakage. When the water main leaks, the water tends to collect somewhere. All the water leaking from the mainline might pool around the foundation, seep into the ground, or form puddles. Whenever the water collects in humid areas, the pests find that and begin to use that.

Apart from these, if you hear sounds like constant dripping, running water, or a babbling brook, there is a hidden like somewhere. You would need an expert who can identify the leaks in the waterline. If you wish to hire dependable plumbing services in Kelowna, 911 Plumbing Heating Drainage, LTD is a perfect choice. We have experienced and trained technicians who serve vast areas including Kelowna, West Kelowna, West Bank Kelowna and Peachland. They would provide long term solutions and leave the area as neat as possible.

Plumbing Issues That Require Immediate Attention

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Plumbing emergencies can happen at any time without warning. When people notice the plumbing emergency at the weekend or night, they tend to resort themselves. Nothing is wrong with DIY plumbing projects, however, there are few problems that require a professional plumber. In case you have any serious issues consider hiring an expert. Here are few emergency issues for which you need an expert

  • Freezing Shower

The reason behind a freezing shower or no hot water is water heater malfunction. For the electric heater, you can resolve the problem by issue by checking the breaker box. In case you are using a heater that is operated with gas, ensure the pilot light is on. However, if the slipping switch does not work, it is advised to call a plumber.


  • Leaks

Leaks could cause mildew as well as water damage. Addressing the plumbing leaks on your own might seem easier, however, it is not easy. To resolve the issue, it is essential to recognize the source of the leak. The professionals have knowledge of the components of the appliance. Therefore, it is easy for them to identify the source that you could not. In order to address the problem quickly as well as efficiently, hiring an expert for plumbing in Kelowna is the ideal solution.


  • Clogged Sink

Many people opt for DIY steps when they experience the problem of the slow drain. However, when the clog becomes severe and the flow of water stops completely, hiring a plumber is the right solution. The delay in resolving issues might cause an interruption in daily activities and might even cause bigger problems.


  • Major Flooding

Flooding is an issue that needs to be addressed right away. To resolve the issue of major flooding, the plumbers in Kelowna can help. The experts would check the heater in case the sewer is backed up or if there is a clogged toilet or sink. To rectify the plumbing system failure, the expert would look for the components not working properly.


  • Leaking Heater

In case there is a leak in the hot water supply, you might be wasting your hard-earned money on the water heating. A leak could cause damage to the water heater.  The walls of the heater could rust through and you might need to replace the heater. Therefore, it is essential to address the leaking water heater right away.


  • Clogged Toilet

Refusal to flush, unusual noises, etc. are the signs that indicate that the toilet is clogged. In case the toilet of your house is clogged, you can follow your DIY steps to resolve the clogging problem. However, in case your DIY steps do not help, ensure you contact the plumber immediately. Delay in repair could lead to leaks and even structural damage.

Apart from these, sewer backup is the problem that requires the plumber. The sewer backups are messy as well as inconvenient. In case you notice multiple drain clogs, gurgling toilets, or bad sewage odors, then it is time to call a plumber. In case you are looking for experienced plumbers, 911 Plumbing Heating Drainage LTD is the best choice. The plumbers are licensed as well as trained and they would provide you the lasting solutions in areas including Kelowna, West Kelowna, West Bank Kelowna as well as Peachland.


Top 3 Reasons Of Your Sewer Line Damage

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Your sewer line can be damaged by various reasons. In fact, sewage problems are reasonably the worst ones to deal with. Sewer line problems and damages are expensive and quite gross to handle. That is why you should know exactly which factors are responsible for sewer damage. Read what the expert plumbers in Kelowna have to say about it. This blog is sure to help you gain knowledge of the facts and assist you in prevention of any further damage to the sewer lines.

Some of the key reasons of harm to your sewer and how to tackle them in future are discussed below. Learn them by heart to avoid unnecessary mishaps and extra expenditure. Keep reading to learn more.

The Top Four Reasons as Said By Kelowna Plumbers

Understanding of the most common culprits responsible for sewer damage can save you from a lot of future headaches and turmoil. Let us go through three of the most common causes of sewage and sewer line damage.

Tree Roots

Tree roots can grow a lot inside the ground. Annoying outgrowth of tree roots reaching up to your sewer pipes can cause a lot of damage. This is the most common factor since tree roots are attracted to the fertilizers present in the sewage water. This is the reason they can cause a lot of trouble to your home plumbing once they reach into the sewage system.

Even if your yard does not have any trees, it can be your neighbor’s tree roots reaching far into your sewer lines within the ground. Negligent attitude can make your home plumbing vulnerable and possibly wreak havoc in the system. It is advisable to call in a professional plumber in Kelowna once in a while to check and make sure everything is in order.

Physical Obstructions

Most of the time people ignore the basic protocols of plumbing and end up dumping a lot of unwanted stuff like paper towels, sanitary products, hair and cooking grease in the drains. Treating your home plumbing as a waste disposal unit can cost you dearly. Unwanted materials in the drainage can cause clogging and lead to further damage and related problems. Kelowna plumbers advise to take extra care and ensure nothing other than human waste and water are drained as they can back up and create a wet mess all over your place.


Rodents can also make a mess out of your sewage system. They typically loosen the joints of the sewer lines and make them open up. This affects their functionality and problems begin to rise. The most effective way to deal with this problem is a combined effort of pest control and professional plumbing services in Kelowna.

These are the most probable causes of sewer damage. But there are still other possibilities. It is best to appoint an expert to detect the actual causes of your problem and fix it accordingly.

Call Us For Any Plumbing or Heating Related Issue

We at 911 Plumbing and Heating are solely dedicated to provide superior quality plumbing services in Kelowna and Peachland. In case you have any query or require professional help, just give us a call. We promise best-in-class services, that too within your affordability.

How To Protect Your Plumbing From Hair?

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If you take a closer look around the bathroom of your home, you will be able to see how much hair is present there all around the bathroom. Hair keep falling off naturally, more so while bathing. Besides that, shaving and trimming of facial and body hair also add to it. Considering all of these factors, it can be said that there is a lot of hair all around the bathroom. Though it may seem as something negligible, but any experienced plumber in West Bank Kelowna would say otherwise.

These hair accumulating over a period of time can cause serious damage to your home plumbing. The first problem it creates is clogging. All the drain openings are prone to clogging and blockage due to hair collecting there over a period of time. However, there are ways to prevent such problems. Keep reading this blog to learn how to deal with frustrating drain clogs.

Learn From The Pro Plumbers in West Bank Kelowna

The professional Plumbing services in West Bank Kelowna share the following details to help you out with this problem. Learn from them to equip yourself with the correct information.

Install Covers for the Drains

  • Top Drain Screen – Installation of top drain screen is quite easy and simple. Just buying the top drain screen of appropriate size and placing it over the drain does the job. You can get one of these from any hardware store. Place them on open shower and tubs to restrain hair. Go for mesh strainer to screen the open kitchen sinks.
  • Underneath Screen – You can also add screens under the drain covers you already have in place. Remove the existing covers and install the screens. You may need plumber’s putty for fastening the screens. Reinstall the covers and you are done. Get help from West Bank Kelowna plumbers for best quality installation works.

Protect your Showers and Sinks from Hair

A very small effort on a daily basis can help you ensure longevity of your home plumbing. Take some time and read the following points carefully. If you follow these guidelines regularly, your pipes and faucets would never be clogged with hair again.

  • Brush your hair for a minute or two before heading to the shower. Loose and unattached hair fall off by brushing so brushing them out of the shower means clean drain. For full measures, never let your drain openings uncovered, without a mesh or screen.
  • Lookout for any hair strands on the floor of your shower, surface of walls and bathtub. Gather and pile them and throw in the trash can, away from the shower drain. Loose hair cause most of the clogs and is a threat to your drainage system.
  • When you shave over the bathroom sink, hair is washed into the sink drain. Even if they are small, still you should not let them pile up in your sink drain. Run the water for a minute after shaving is over. This will ensure that hair follicles are washed out all the way.

Let Us Take Care Of Your Home Plumbing

911 Plumbing and Heating is here to take all-round care of your home plumbing, heating and installation works. Call us and schedule an appointment today. Optimal quality of work and reasonable charges make us your best plumbing choice in West Bank Kelowna and Peachland.

Why Does Your Toilet Smell When You Flush It?

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Have you been experiencing a stench whenever you flush your toilet? To be clear, the smell being discussed here is not the one you experience after a greasy meal, but a sewer-like unpleasant odour which is there every time you flush your toilet. According to the best plumbers in Peachland, this should not be neglected and you must take it as a warning sign.

The stench means there is something wrong which needs to be fixed, the sooner the better. This blog will guide you through the checklist of most likely causes of this problem and how to fix the same. So, keep reading to learn all about the causes of this problem in detail as said by the best in class professional plumbers of Peachland.

Most Probable Causes As Per Peachland Plumbers

Here is the list of the reasons which might be causing this foul smell while flushing the toilet. The list is composed with the help of the best professionals only for you.

  • Broken seal at the base of the toilet, where the wax ring is fitted is the most common cause of foul smell. The seal not only holds the water but also any odor. Any damage to the seal makes the air and sewer odors trapped within the toilet and drain pipe come out with every flush. Enough damage over a period of time can lead to serious water damage.

Another sign that indicates breaking in the seal of the toilet is the rocking of the fixture when you take a seat. You should call the plumbing services in Peachland right away for replacement of the wax ring.

  • If your toilet is not used enough then also it can stink after every flush. That is why the toilet in the basement or such less frequently used spaces smell bad when you flush it after a while.

The water in the bowl evaporates when you do not use the toilet frequently enough. Without this water, the gases in the drain pipe comes out. The easiest way to prevent this from happening is to flush the toilets periodically, say, once a week.

  • According to the experts of plumbing in Peachland, blockages can also cause odd smell. Human wastes, hair and other objects, when flushed down, can create blockages within the pipe. Development of such clogging over time is a likely reason why you are smelling the foul smell of the drain pipe with each flush.

You should get the drain pipe and other pipes inspected from time to time. Checking for blockages and removing them whenever detected is very important. Beside giving off stench, clogging can also lead to toilet overflow and other mishaps.

Call 911 Plumbing for All Kinds Of Plumbing And Heating Issues

911 Plumbing and Heating is a trusted name in the field of plumbing works in Peachland and Kelowna. We are known for our timely services, highly qualified hand picked technicians and professionalism. In case you notice bad smell while flushing or encounter any plumbing or heating related problems, give us a call right away. We promise maximum satisfaction at reasonable prices.